I am a keen watcher of the night sky (and sometimes the daytime sky

as well) from my home garden, using my 120mm Sky Watcher re-

fractor. As this garden is in the centre of a town with plenty of street

lamps around, I have to carefully choose what objects to locate, but

this is part of the challenge.

I am a member of The British Astronomical Association, Eastbourne

Astronomical Society, and the East Sussex Astronomical Society. Due

to my age, I have now decided to err on the side of caution, and re-

frain from standing outside under the stars in the cold by doing all my

observing from indoors in the warm. You can see how I accomplish

this on the next page. Although I have a camera fitted to the tele-

scope, it is only used to see what can be found from my very light pol-

luted garden, which Incidentally, is a vast amount, easily identifying



and 16


magnitude galaxies in only a few seconds of exposure,

you can see some examples on my deep sky page.